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Hd 2017 2017 FLHTCUTG

First Drive: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD / 3500HD Diesel

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Hd 2017 MacBook Air

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Hd 2017 First Drive:


Hd 2017 Logan 2017

There was no wiggle at the steering wheel or sideways movement of the vehicle, just solid forward motion.

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  • Letting off the accelerator at around 70 mph revealed slightly more aggressive exhaust braking, and there was little need to use the brake pedal before entering the corner.

Shell out extra coin to add a 110-volt outlet to the dash, a wireless charging pad, Bose audio, or a cool, customizable 8.

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  • The steering is light and accurate, the suspension is buttoned down without being harsh, and the van is surprisingly free of squeaks and rattles.

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